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#To the satellites & back! LASTING Software is honored to take part in the Gala of Informal Education in Space Sciences and Technologies. Our company is co-organizer and co-initiator – together with the IT Banat Association – of the Gala.

We get to celebrate the love for science on a relevant day  – 14th February. This is meant to be the first edition of the Gala of Informal Education in Space Sciences and Technologies.

The Gala will reunite public and private, local and national organizations from the educational and business world. What brings us together is the fact that we appreciate the passion for science. The event supports the students/pupils who excel in the field of space sciences and technologies and telecommunications. It also celebrates their succes in national and global competitions.

On this occasion, LASTING Software will make an important announcement. For now, we’ll leave it to you to find out the details in the event description: Also, stay tuned for further details on our website and social channels.

About LASTING Software

LASTING Software specialized in Enterprise software solutions since 1996. The company began by implementing and building computer software systems for various clients across industries. Part of the LASTING Group, we became an independent business unit in 1999, and a standalone company since 2000.

With an innovative mindset, LASTING Software grew into a full consultancy and software development company. We keep in touch with the latest advances in technology. We gained experience via software development services and Quality Assurance to clients from automotive and mobile communications industry. Currently,we provide the following types of services: software consultancy, custom software development, software project implementation and Quality Assurance.

The LASTING Software main projects so far are in the areas of telecommunications, graphics, mobile & IoT & Cloud, analytics & Big Data and Agile Management.

Located in Timisoara, West Romania, we are a European company connected to a thriving hub of digital activities and software engineers, with customers in Western Europe, as well as over the ocean. We like challenges and we empower our people to explore innovation, while providing a robust environment that motivates hard work and fast thinking.




The LASTING Software team recently took part in Codecamp, an IT community event & conference that tours the major Romanian cities that are also IT Hubs. This event started small in 2008 in Iasi, and now consists of approx. 10 parallel tracks with 60 sessions and almost 2000 participants.

Codecamp Timişoara provides a thriving environment. It expresses the need to maximize the value companies receive from their software teams. Also, it helps software companies respond to constantly evolving customer requirements. Attending such events contributes in staying competitive.

LASTING Software Codecamp timisoara april 2018


The benefits of smart software community events

We enjoy participating, and the event emulates the team spirit weeks ahead. Who will be a speaker? What topic does she/he prefers? What have we got to showcase in terms of new skills and experience this year?  Codecamp (or other similar events), offers the opportunity to keep updated and share our opinions on what’s going on in the tech world. We also learn what our peers know and debate specific development-related topics.

It’s about smart people. About the passion for coding, for software development. We inspire students, and the veterans in this profession inspire us. Our stand represents us – we come with a new presentation each time. The visitors of today are perhaps the team members of tomorrow. So it is important to illustrate the company culture and values in our overall presence. (Special thanks to our Marketing and HR Departments).

We are also proud of our speakers.  Seeing a crowded auditorium is great, as well as hearing the fresh, sometimes unexpected questions.


This year, the LASTING Software speakers and themes at Codecamp were as follows:

Ecaterina Ganenco – Behind the scene: Testing the consumer mindset


Claudiu Groza – Towards a seamless experience of Android Development: Mobile. Wear, Things and Automotive

Stay posted for future updates, as we plan to detail both the above-mentioned presentations.