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In relation with our latest post about the car industry passenger entertainment – oriented strategy for the future, we came back with another (lighter) piece.

As Forbes states, everybody and their brother (is) getting into the autonomy game. You may see below the highlights of some of the most remarkable innovations to be, in this field:


Audi – Holoride

The autonomous driving vehicle treats its passengers with a virtual reality video game (Holoride). The car captures motion stimuli via sensors and integrates data into the game. Syncing the VR space with the passenger’s movements is the key feature in this environment. Apparently this is both fascinating and nauseating, as an online article mentions.


Intel and Warner Bros – Gotham demo

In a retrofitted 2019 BMW X5, the passenger immerses into a virtual ride with the help of a large screen TV, projectors, mobile devices, audio and lighting.
Meanwhile, they can keep an eye on how the trip is going on via a tablet in the middle of the passenger area.


Panasonic – the autonomous SPACe_C e_Torta concept

This time it’s about a modular vehicle platform, fully electric, fully autonomous. The passenger is also the focus. The interior environment can become “a food truck, a mobile meeting space, a delivery vehicle, a mobile pop-up retail store and a mobile educational presentation space”. The modular click-on, click-off architecture enables the person sitting in the back of this vehicle to adjust its functionality. The SPACe is also prepared for self-driving inputs.


Hyunday – Virtual Touch

Yes, it features a face recognition technology and a way of assessing the driver’s emotional state.
But furthermore, the Hyunday’s Mobi division concept car includes a way to switch to autonomous driving mode from manual. Once in autonomous mode, the passenger can choose to watch a video material on the windshield.


Mercedes-Benz – Vision Urbanetic


Seemingly, a vehicle straight out of a SF movie, the Urbanetic is another modular car concept that runs off batteries and can operate autonomously. It features a people module and a cargo module. Also, it monitors traffic and weather and it communicates with the exterior in various ways. Thus it may anticipate the need for transportation or the presence of pedestrians before they are visible with the naked eye.

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Automotive industry trends point out revolutionary innovations


We also keep updated on the latest trends in the automotive industry. The auto industry is on the verge of transformation, which triggers the accelerated rise of new technologies. Most of the big industry players are aware of these game-changing disruptions and prepare for the upcoming imminent changes. Diverse mobility, autonomous driving or car connectivity all experience high and low scenarios. Both versions lead to the same destination, only at different speeds.

We’ve selected a McKinsey study that shows the expected trends on the market by 2030, as a more detailed illustration of this future perspective.

As you may see below, in one image from this study, the leading OEMs will compete on multiple fronts:

We feel that we are the right partner for success in this competition, in what your software development needs are concerned.


The need for leading-edge development services


Taking the industry trends into consideration is one way to go when developing a viable strategy for the future.

Another approach would be logically anticipating what the main trends would involve. In a connected world, the modern means of transportations need to function seamlessly, securely and in a synchronized manner. Such standards are achievable only through the most efficient software development processes.

Knowing and following the coding standards, choosing the best methodologies, combining technical expertise with the capacity to innovate per request are just a few must-haves.

Take autonomous vehicles. Here is an article that illustrates how autonomous cars “see” the world. The complexity of the environment is matched by the one of the autonomous vehicles. From real time sensory equipment to the object identification processes and analytics software – it’s all a fascinating and impressive micro – world.

We can’t wait for these exciting perspectives to become reality and we are proud to be part of the process.