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LASTING Software About us
LASTING Software – if we were one  person, we would be your close friend. Your experienced, dynamic, connected, sophisticated, attentive, flexible and capable friend.Allow us to explainLASTING Software delivers 2D & 3D graphics engines and graphical interfaces (HMI/GUI). We provide solutions for embedded applications – automotive instrument clusters and infotainment systems. Our customers are high-profile Tier 1 companies.Graphics user interfaces are essential for all modern embedded platforms. They enhance the ease of use and ensure Read More
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Lasting Software offshoring outsourcing
The modern economy favors software offshoring and outsourcing. Rich countries deindustrialize and a wave of structural transformation ripples globally. Therefore, companies reshape their boundaries. Consequently, the desire to increase the quality of services and to save costs materializes in outsourcing partnerships.Software development outsourcing follows the trendExternalizing the software development needs is a common business practice. While it is not deindustrialization, it is a form of process acceleration. The HQ staff design and coordinate, and the Read More
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