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Analytics & Big Data
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Enterprise Software
Agile Management
IOT Remote monitoring wearable device
We developed wearable medical devices which remotely monitor vital signs in patients, either elderly or babies. Several sensors measure heart rates,pressure,movement,and others.
News Reporting Social Media app
The project required the development of a news reporting application. The app enables real time contributions (photos, text, video and audio) from people who are close to the events.
Sample Size Calculator App
This product has earned the reputation as the world’s #1 most trusted sample size calculator & power analysis software for clinical trials – it is used by 45 of 50 big pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers alike; the community stands at 50,000 users worldwide.
Predictive Analytics Platform
The product makes predictive analytics accessible to SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) decision makers, in order for them to be able to make confident decisions on a range of critical business decisions.
Analysis, Planning and Financial Forecast System
This project consists of a system of analysis, planning and financial forecast of production materials (material budget planning system) – in the form of a web application. The software also involves integration with SAP and with the internal Spider management system.
Inventory Tracking App
The project concerns a web application, which functions as a system of raw material tracking, involving an inventory control software.
Canvy is an internal startup that aims to change how we interact with our contacts on mobile phones
Unitel is a proprietary product of Lasting. Our clients are various financial and non-financial companies, whose complex activities benefitted from an innovative solution.
Productivity and calendar App
Our client is a Swedish startup with a vision regarding a productivity and calendar application for iPhone.
HMI Software hybrid 2D and 3D graphical interfaces
We developed a graphics engine which controls the hardware through designated drivers
HMI Software development platform cluster and infotainment apps
Within the graphics engine project, we worked on engine customization on the application side.
HMI Software development tools
We developed a Graphics SDK which underpins Main engine Tool and the IDE, while combining: CAD functionality, content aggregation, scripting capability and performance analysis.