An industrial automation expert, about the near future developments expected by today’s companies – Industry 4.0 considerations

Industry 4.0 is about to dawn upon all industries. It means cyber physical systems, IoT, networks and everything between. It means software solutions and services taking over every possible functionality. You will see your business transforming into its upgraded, better, faster, mobile version.

Also referred to as a sum of trends, this phenomenon companies have already started to experience is not an “if” anymore, but a “when”. To find out what exactly can you expect from it, we recommend you an article this week. It is authored by Pete Durand, an industrial automation expert with a vast experience in the field. This article sets out to reveal and exemplify what it means “to modernize manufacturing processes, manage risk, and improve the accuracy, distribution and integrity of data”.

The main pillars of the Industry 4.0 stage


Most of you would have heard of these key elements/area by now. The surrounding publicity is massive. The most inquisitive entrepreneurs were surely aware of them, even before the online media dedicated huge amounts of materials to these main topics.

The author chooses to focus on:


– IoT (with a twist, since he introduces the IIoT);

– Big Data, as a “a natural progression beyond IIoT”;

– Cybersecurity, as a critical need of data protection in a hyper connected world.


From his professional experience, Mr. Durand extracts yet another underlining element of importance. Documentation is a must have. Keeping a company on the forefront of technology makes documentation increasingly critical. The personnel may change. Thus, any organization needs to have a continuously updated history of what, when and where was set up, configured, build, implemented and maintained. When outsourcing, make sure to document changes, in partnership with your service providers.

Think about it…

Yet another thing that all companies need to be aware of – industry 4.0 is not cost prohibitive anymore. A multitude of devices are now available, and they all do their job. With due diligence and the proper consultancy, the best match for your business is not difficult to find. Capturing the right data is the next affordable step, then you need to upload it into the cloud type of choice (public, private or hybrid). Well, actually it is more a question of direct transmission. Process the data, get the key insights, deliver these to the decisional factors, and then repeat. In a nutshell, Industry 4.0 delivers the power of ubiquity and globalization, as well as the means to harness it, to your organization.

Partnerships are the future in the Industry 4.o

The scope of a company’s activity might be different from anything that has to do with software or even IT in general. Keeping that focus implies partnerships with software solutions companies. Consultants, software developers and software managers deliver the solutions you need.

Technology becomes viable, efficient and easy to work with. Translating needs and requirements into digital tools, your software solution partners allow your entire business to upgrade to the Industry 4.0 stage. Together with them, you can even provide your own customers with tailor-made software solutions.

What do you think of this perspectives?