Mobile development and IoT – impossible to separate in the hyper connected world of tomorrow

The LASTING Software mobile development portfolio and expertise range from delivering cloud-based solutions to dedicated embedded SoC controllers and mobile apps.

Our track record in successful delivery across industries & mobile platforms enables the companies that partner with us to provide best-in-class mobile solutions for their customers.

At LASTING Software our software engineers have created productivity apps, calendars, contacts management apps, games and other types of apps by demand. Our customers’ ideas materialized efficiently and seamlessly with the help of the designated team for each project.

Over 2 million users already use our apps. We can’t wait to hear your idea and gear up for a fantastic launch!


Can mobile development even exist nowadays in a separate digital space from the IoT?!


In addition to our projects mentioned above, we are experienced in B2B IoT projects, and we always keep an eye on the anticipated next step in mobile IoT development.

In a hyper connected world, it will soon be impossible to separate mobile from IoT. Be it business -destined, or end customer – destined, any viable mobile solution that aims for success is IoT compatible, at least. The big race targets progress and expansion in the hottest segment of this market.

Big tech companies have predicted that in 2018 the driving force for IoT would be the B2B industry. The investments destined to embed IoT capabilities into B2B products would surpass by far the funds associated with the consumer market.  

With the industrial machines coming out of their so-far isolated environments and connecting into platforms and apps, IoT will gain traction even more.


The paradox in numbers: less developers than the future demands


Looking at the numbers, Forbes signaled in the spring of 2018 that the few existing millions of software developers have to meet the demand for the billions of connected devices in the years to come.

A massive market expansion is at the horizon, the ideas are here, the infrastructure is in progress. The standards and the cyber security solutions adjust to meet the new challenges.

There is a need for more efficient software development to “address the disproportionate growth between devices and developers”. Achieving this “will result in getting IoT devices to market faster”.

In this fast paced, thriving perspective, there is no place for “prolonged development timeframes and work cycles, subpar product quality, or an outright failure of a project”. Organizations also face a critical necessity for “more productive, dynamic and cost-effective” software development.


Keep ahead of the competition with the LASTING Software mobile development expertise and skills – we code for the future!