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About the client

Unitel has been developed as an inside project at Lasting. The R&D department has generated the idea, our business analysts have design the architecture and our development team has transformed it into a viable solution. Unitel has been successfully implemented to more than 200 local and global clients from various business sectors like: manufacturing, banking, automotive, distribution, communication etc.


Unitel is a software solution for analyzing phone calls by using both the detailed phone bills received from the mobile and fixed phone operators and the primary data provided by the private phone exchanges. Our call accounting solution can be useful for all types of companies irrespective of their IT&C infrastructure. It aims at reducing phone call costs as well as keeping a better evidence for them.


The problem our R&D team identified was related to optimizing corporate telephone costs, both fixed and mobile. A TEM (telecom expense management) platform that could solve such a problem would face a serious set of issues to be taken into account.

The challenge consisted of creating a modular, adaptable solution that could be implemented for a wide variety of clients that look to optimize their phone usage.

Due to the fact that the application needs to access the data from every cost center a client/server based architecture was mandatory. As reporting is a key feature of the software, several data collection modules need to be developed in order to provide reports on excessively usage of the infrastructure and costs recouping.

Another element that is indispensable for such a solution is the monitoring feature.


The Unitel platform was developed as a telecom expense management with a series of key functionalities in scope that make it a complete information gathering, monitoring, and call management solution.

Unitel centralizes phone call related data irrespective of the source they come from and enables the management of the vocal communication generated through phone exchanges, local/personal/private phone lines or mobile phones. It provides separation according to their purpose (private calls and company calls) and a detailed track of all incoming and outgoing calls for vocal communication through phone exchanges.

Thus it can provide real costs (in accordance with the price plans used by phone operators) for all the communication sources, facilitating the budget (both time and cost) allocation. The solution is multi-user – each user can verify his/her personal calls – facilitating the integration of multiple lists of contacts. Other key features include mechanisms for importing/exporting configuration data, saving phone numbers and alert mechanisms in case certain events may occur in the system.

Unitel modules:


  • Analyze – imports both the detailed bills from the phone operators and the results of the capture from the phone exchanges; through this operation, the primary data is processed by using the configuration parameters of the application and of the imports.

  • Monitor – for outgoing calls the monitor module takes over the calls captured from the exchange and – on the basis of the price plans used by the phone operators – provides an estimation of the costs and identifies the parameters of the captured calls.
    For incoming calls the monitor module selects from the price information provided by the exchange only the calls received from outside the company generating reports based on the company’s need to track incoming calls, to identify the activity of their partners or the loading level of the phone infrastructure.

  • Capture – takes over the incoming/outgoing calls from the phone exchanges.

  • Unitel Web – provides information about the cost (according to the access rights of the users) and ensures, in a distributive way, the management of the company phonebook.

  • Agent – is an event monitor. Several actions that can automatically tracked over time are configurable.

  • Report configuring – synthetic or analytical complex reports can be generated for any type of primary or processed data.


    Unitel is a top call accounting technical product in terms of the technology used, the architecture solution, and the specialized modules which operate incorporated. It is a unique telecom expense management application that can cover a company’s entire telecommunication infrastructure expenses, irrespective of the number of locations, PABX-s’s type, or the telephone connection type (fixed or mobile).

    More than 80% of the companies that implemented the solution recorded a decrease of at least 20% (up to 75%) in their telephone costs. It is more than a simple software, it is a complex solution with predictable ROI.


    We are constantly developing the platform and adding new modules as specific needs arise and we face new integration challenges with implementation for our clients. Our main focus is constantly adapting the platform to the ever changing needs of the extremely dynamic mobile market and while expanding Unitel’s usage on the global market.