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We believe that each and every company out there has its own particularities.

That’s why, in agreement with our standpoints, our services follow the formula of a human fingerprint: custom software development is meant to build up unique, difficult to alter, detailed and durable solutions relying on our clients’ profile and needs.


It is a powerful, clever approach used by software companies to help them get in touch with their clients, understand their needs, know their insights and offer them customized, genuine solutions to all their problems.


According to common knowledge, custom software development is the activity that helps software companies develop tailor-made solutions for their clients, considering their business profile, their mission and their particularities.


At Lasting Software, we follow a series of stages which help us to start a project and get things done.


1. Business Requirements


 We love creating custom-built apps. 


In order to get things done, we first must emphasize communication and listening to every questions, ideas, suggestions you might have.

lasting analysis involves not only the understanding of your needs, but the understanding of yourself.

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2. Design & Architecture

customer focus 1

 Design means mixing art with utility. 


Think about the enclosed sections of a building designed for a specific purpose.

It allows users to be aware of certain structural elements, guides them throughout the whole process of interaction and leaves out the unseen, technical half of the whole system.

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3. Development & Coding


 For those about to code we salute you! 


This stage, also known as programming and coding, consists in the actual writing of the code.

Our awesome software developers follow the schedule and complete their tasks by translating your requirements and specifications into code.

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4. Testing & Deployment


 Testing is questioning a system in order to evaluate it. – James Bach 


Now is when the testers intervene and verify if the program fulfills the initial requirements.

The aim of the testing phase is to find any errors, identify, track and solve the bugs and warnings, and retest the system.

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5. Support & Maintenance


 Just because your project is finished, it doesn’t mean it’s over. 


Once the software has been tested, corrected and the code is working in its final destination, it will need a constant monitoring.

Our team must ensure it is behaving and performing as expected.

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