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About the client

Valeo is a French automotive components manufacturer founded in 1923. The company is present in 29 countries, and has distinguished itself as an automotive supplier, partner to all automakers worldwide. As a technology company, Valeo proposes innovative products and systems that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the development of intuitive driving.


The QAM Valeo software solution is a labeling, verifying and packing system. It complete transforms a manual line that deals with these operations with an automated system that is controlled by the software solution. It is a poka yoke type of process developed by the Lasting Software development team for its client Valeo in order to facilitate their lean manufacturing goals.
Such an automation is a type of lean manufacturing and brings about a series of specific challenges of designing the software solution. Among these, the most significant we have faced were related:
Usage Simplicity – line operators are not very high skills IT users;
Robustness – if it stops, then the production line stops;
Hardware integration – with: scanners, barrier, printers, pistons;
Support – second and third levels, 7×24;
Software Integration – Hardware SDK’s, Barflow/SAP production reporting.


The automation solution developed is described as a multiple step process that follows the diagram below:
The process itself follows 8 steps:
1. Scanner 1 scans the technical reference on the production label (e.g. P89001965T)
2. Printer 1 se prints a box label for control
3. Scanner 1 scans the label on the final product (e.g. 89001965)
4. Printer 1 prints the box label that refers the scanned final product
5. Scanner 2 scans the box label and if it is correct it opens the Barrier
6. Scanner 3 scans the box label and sends the final product label code to the Barflow / SAP
7. Printer 2 prints the pallet label after it is finished
8. Scanner 4 scans a box label, the reference code of the pallet label and the pallet label series of the last one. If the code on the box label and the reference code on the pallet label are correct it will pronounce the product in the Barflow / SAP by sending the pallet label series.


It helps in passing the production plant QA audit requested by several customers of Valeo and improve the overall quality process in the final stage of the assembling line.


The solution will be upgraded with more features and extended to all production lines from Timisoara production plant.