No One Can Stop You From Becoming a Sailor Soldier. Except yourself.

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No One Can Stop You From Becoming a Sailor Soldier. Except yourself.

No One Can Stop You From Becoming a Sailor Soldier. Except yourself.

As a kid I had a dream. A dream that one day I’ll get some fancy superpowers and join Sailor Moon and her crew in their attempt to solve mysteries, fight supernatural forces, and become an international hero. As the years went by, I realized that superpowers are not so hard to drum up.

To be honest, I was well aware of my writing skills since forever, but I didn’t give them too mucho credito. Maybe because I was raised on the idea that all the greatest human beings out there are technical people, people who know everything about programming languages, physics, chemistry or geometry. My father used to tell me that when it comes to my career, it’s either engineering or nothing. And I used to believe him.

Until one day when I stopped believing in what other people believe, and started thinking by myself and believing in my qualities.

It’s very important to do what you love, enjoy your work and be good at it, to improve yourself, no matter your area of focus.

Each & every hobby has a great potential of becoming an amazing job.



After 8 years of working my ass while trying to understand the mysteries of mathematics, physics and Pascal, I realized that I wasn’t meant to be an astrophysicist or a hipster computer programmer. Yes, I still enjoy learning and I’ll always want to be a better version of myself, but I believe one should enjoy work, not get used to it.

This world is filled with information and it would be a pity if we just let it pass us by as if nothing. We shouldn’t ignore our inner pursuit – it is our true vocation the one that has the power to turn us into superheroes.

Computer programming doesn’t instantly turn you into a geek. According to mainstream definitions, the word geek typically connotes an expert, an enthusiast or a person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit.

Those who are not so tech savvy are people, too, and sometimes they’re geekier than most nerds.



If you’re not sure about what you were meant to do with your life, experiment. See how’s like to be something you don’t really believe in. Been there, done that. Being a jack of all nerds, I mean, trades, is really not that bad, trust me. It would help you figure out who/what/how you don’t want to be. Or who knows? Maybe you’d bring to light a hidden talent you had no idea you possess.

Do you have a part time job that you hate? What about the rest of your time? Don’t waste it on dreaming. Be patient, experiment, learn, find the silver lining of those activities you enjoy less, don’t lose your motivation, keep in touch with passionate people and most important: don’t neglect your hobbies. Ever.

So you enjoy asian cuisine? Then learn asian cuisine. You have a thing for tailoring? Stop wasting time and money, and get yourself a sewing machine and some tutorials. Experiment with your daily grinds. In the long run, all you want to do is to be happy. Sometimes, true passion works in mysterious ways.

Eventually, if you don’t find a way to find it, IT will find a way to find you, just like the ring of power.



Like I’ve said before, missing the boat, making mistakes, deceiving yourself is not such a big fuss. We sometimes make the wrong choices or listen to bad advice, we sometimes are too afraid of thinking by ourselves and let other people decide in our place. We occasionally blame the others for our failures, and don’t even think about asking for forgiveness.

And when it comes to our career, things may get messier. It’s always the boss or a teammate who are responsible for something you did wrong. It’s because it’s Monday and you’re lazy or because it’s Friday and you’re lazy.

Get off that high horse of yours and do some exercises.



Each and every one of our features hides a remarkable, prodigious super ability. What’s important here is to become aware of our sly boots and eventually turn them into our most powerful weapons.

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