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At Lasting Software, we develop software for optimizing business communications that is both reliable and easy to integrate in any corporate unified communication system.

Specifically, we have successfully implemented call accounting solutions, email response management, billing systems softphone and IP multimedia subsystems in a variety of projects.

Moreover, our competences allow us to provide consultancy and training in both integration and efficient usage of such tools for any business.

Corporate communication solutions developed recently:

Unitel – an innovative call accounting application suite covering both mobile and fix line costs for a heterogynous business environment;

Vera – virtual email response assistant for high efficiency email oriented call centers;

Billing System – or carriers with integrated services (SMS, MMS, calls, data, mobile);

Pre-Paid SIM Activation – carrier grade quality solution for emerging telecom markets.


Unicredit Bank, Vodafone, OTP Bank, Millenium Bank, Swiss Com, Neckermann, Nintendo, Europe, Deutsche Telecom, Cosmote Romania, Lafarge, Raiffeisen Bank, Wiener Insurance Group, Hewlett Packard.