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Employee Engagement – Flight of Fancy or Essential Requirement

Engagement: the not so new buzzword when it comes to HR

Engaging your team doesn’t mean hiring cheerleaders for them – or satisfying whims, and it’s not just about having happy employees.

It comes down to much more: it’s a property – or perhaps, better yet a reflection of the quality of the relationship between an organization and its team members.
Basically, instilling a high level of engagement is a good example of a win-win scenario – it involves both sides of the party and strives for a common vision. It’s about commitment, trust & discretionary effort and interest in the results.

When it comes to IT, where the pool of employees has a wide range of alternatives, creating this type of relationship is a necessity, not a luxury.

From the Tips & Tricks Chapter

This is not a quick-fix, this type of change means dedication, understanding the needs & a serious strategy undertaking. But there are always a few steps you could take:

Take the pulse

See where you are today. There are a large number of questionnaires that aim to give you a clearer picture.
The good: they give you numbers & can punctuate arguments for change.
The less ideal: they aren’t personal enough, and they’re collecting data on the memory not the experience of engagement.

1 on 1 talks

Get to know your team – be curious to find out more about “your partner” in this relationship. These talks can be structured to follow a few main themes (job satisfaction, clear goals, motivation, purpose, pleasure in work, etc.), or can be more open and aim to simply understand a different point of view.

The good: they are very personal.
The less ideal: it’s more difficult to structure the information in a usable & solution oriented way.

Organise actions focused on group activities with rewards.

Besides the actual fun, you get invaluable feedback about the present level of engagement.

Own your position and give value to what defines you – where you are now doesn’t define you in the long run, all relationships have a starting point. So, where are you now?



Check out a recent engagement oriented action organized by Lasting Software, since we were talking about flights and how a relationship can give you butterflies.

Article written by the HR agents of Lasting Software, Andrada Tepei & Ionela Coprean.
image source: Shutterstock

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