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Outsource to Timișoara, they said.


It will be fun, they said.

And it actually is – we have swanky parks, cool bistros, pubs and concert venues, an amazing historical background and most important, an awesome, tied in community that supports culture, innovation, creativity and freedom.

It is not a novelty that Timișoara has been inclined to technological radical changes since forever. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and mixes German strictness, Hungarian romanticism, Serbian zest and Romanian cleverness all together, creating a one-of-a-kind aggregate.

Leaving our personal preferences aside, Timișoara is no stranger to technology – it was the first city in mainland Europe to have electric street lightning and the first one to implement horse-drawn trams. The rest is history.

In Timișoara we make code, not war.


Outsourcing software development is the easiest and most convenient way of developing custom enterprise software – this way the customer only pays for the services he needs, when he needs them and most important: exactly in the way he needs them.
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Outsourcing to Lasting Software


Since software quality and development methodologies are key concerns for our customers, the company developed, from the very beginning, a well defined set of documents, standards and tools that covers the entire software development cycle.
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