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It’s hardly news that traditional telecom businesses are in a tight spot. Changing their portfolio or gradually fading away – here are the available alternatives.

The reason for this lies within the explosion of new types of services and new delivery methods. To go straight to the point – if video killed the radio star, the Internet gave few chances to the TV and classic telecommunications. Its own stronger and more ubiquitous relative – the IoT, is the final blow to the old Telco industry.

That is, only if the businesses don’t leverage the situation on their side. Since many of the important players in the field are now already implementing their chosen course change, the “if” became more of a “when”. It is to be expected that all Telco operators that want to stick with this industry will restructure their offers.


What does upgrading Telco have to do with software development?


“Operators need to create dynamic new business models” – article on the systemic telecoms crisis. The new models “could implement the technologies of deep traffic analysis (DPI), service virtualization that cloud models increasingly use. An important trend is the consolidation of the larger industry players and the saturation of the market”.

Same source continues: “However, telecom has a lot to develop. Free services stimulate the use of more complex tools and such services become sponsored. A good prospect, for example, is M2M services, because inter-machine communication can generate huge amounts of traffic”.


IoT demands telecom – software development business partnerships


Another ReadWrite article tackles the telecom – IoT relationship alone. Smart, intelligent things own the future. Each of them comes with associated software, applications and online platforms. The big effort is to create an integrated global environment.

The telecom players “should redefine their business strategies, including key offerings around IoT”. Also, moving up the IoT value chain is mandatory, and it starts with better, more in-demand offerings.

In summary, the article we browsed lays down a few guidelines:

– Provide IoT-customized offerings;

– Be prepared to protect the IoT data by using blockchain;

– Find out about “smart contracts” and adopt them asap;

– Use partnership for success and survival (examples are in the source-article).


Is your telecom company in need of this type of changes? Looking for the right software consultancy & development partner?


Remember that at LASTING Software, we:

…speed up the R&D process, reduce time to revenue and reduce burn rate, enabling you to achieve more with less, faster. We give you the ability to extend your reach into customers for only marginal cost, we enable you to access new revenue streams and allow you to manage contingency without growing headcount.


…adapt to your business’s needs:

  • We provide IT consultancy services that involve an initial assessment of your operational needs;
  • Our way of working ranges from fixed-cost projects to time & material projects;
  • The types of collaboration available include extension of the team, feature teams or entirely independent product teams;
  • We listen to your story. This way, we establish the issues to fix, the elements to improve and the best software-related choices;
  • Together, we design a plan that would best serve the requirements, and agree upon the software modules or solutions to implement and design;
  • We adapt the existing software, or develop the new software to suit each individual need.
  • We deliver our product on time. Next, we provide support in the implementation, user training, and post-implementation stages.
  • We value same room collaboration. Nothing surpasses the power of personal collaboration.




Faced with a multitude of disruptors, all the software -interested businesses asses, learn and adapt at the quickest pace possible. The same challenges will take the successful organizations into the next age of modern industry.

We have often put ourselves in the shoes of our partners. It’s what we use, to be able to provide the best consultancy and to help them choose or develop the most suited solutions.

By doing this, we learned that business partnership-related concerns also touch relational areas. The functional, lucrative, project-focused issues are but one side. The way we communicate is also critical.

When you externalize through a business partnership, the values and skills of your partner always matter in a profound manner. The quality of the communication is important and partly determines the speed of response. The mutual consistency in the interactions coming from both sides makes sure that time will not alter the outcome of the project. Quality partnership rather increase the rate of success. Future ventures may appear and become reachable through a new project with the same partner.


The importance of finding the right business partner

We re-read  this HBR article that speaks of the role of the right innovation partner. A major challenge of the current business environment, innovation asks for change.

From the leading-edge tech companies to the smallest startups, all the actors of this complex playing field have to shift. We will all go from older mindsets to a dynamic, out-of-the box approach. The solutions are embedded in the new world we face, but finding them requires a different kind of search.

Now your next partner might be on the other side of the globe. Or it might be of a totally different size you may have imagined a couple of years ago. It’ more like a modular kind of approach, and the blocks vary in size and shape.

It may seem chaotic, but new landmarks appear even as we speak in this environment. Those who become pioneers validate the common points and discard the ones that only mark fugitive stages. But we can all be fast learners and spot the right landmarks right away.


What next

At Lasting Software we provide a suite of services and solutions. You are looking for software solutions providers. Meeting supply and demand is now not only a matter of the perfect preconfigured match, it’s also a matter of growing together.

We know our value. By looking back on out track record, we can describe our teams’ experience. Yet we are much more than this, because this type of presentation does not relay the potential. This element can only begin to unfold once the future business partners meet. Sometimes it even expands during the common projects, as we evolve together.

Check out our experience so far in the image attached to this post. But keep in mind that we are eager to evolve. To be there, to meet you at the new industry landmark. Our software solutions are moving forward. We feel prepared for different types of projects, too. Let’s talk about this!


To quote the article we mentioned above:

Startups must change their mindset.(…) It means being wise enough to recognize your core strengths, that you can’t be the best at everything, and that there is wisdom and experience outside your company that can get you to an answer far faster than if you were to go it alone.

For corporate giants, a strategic vision for corporate venture investing is critical, not just for innovation, but for a new, better way of doing business. Innovation is inherently risky and unpredictable, but companies can improve their odds by reimagining the entire approach — one with a clear strategy, a dedicated team, a diverse portfolio of unique partnership models, and a strong capability to scale new technologies and business models into the core business.



The LASTING Software mobile development portfolio and expertise range from delivering cloud-based solutions to dedicated embedded SoC controllers and mobile apps.

Our track record in successful delivery across industries & mobile platforms enables the companies that partner with us to provide best-in-class mobile solutions for their customers.

At LASTING Software our software engineers have created productivity apps, calendars, contacts management apps, games and other types of apps by demand. Our customers’ ideas materialized efficiently and seamlessly with the help of the designated team for each project.

Over 2 million users already use our apps. We can’t wait to hear your idea and gear up for a fantastic launch!


Can mobile development even exist nowadays in a separate digital space from the IoT?!


In addition to our projects mentioned above, we are experienced in B2B IoT projects, and we always keep an eye on the anticipated next step in mobile IoT development.

In a hyper connected world, it will soon be impossible to separate mobile from IoT. Be it business -destined, or end customer – destined, any viable mobile solution that aims for success is IoT compatible, at least. The big race targets progress and expansion in the hottest segment of this market.

Big tech companies have predicted that in 2018 the driving force for IoT would be the B2B industry. The investments destined to embed IoT capabilities into B2B products would surpass by far the funds associated with the consumer market.  

With the industrial machines coming out of their so-far isolated environments and connecting into platforms and apps, IoT will gain traction even more.


The paradox in numbers: less developers than the future demands


Looking at the numbers, Forbes signaled in the spring of 2018 that the few existing millions of software developers have to meet the demand for the billions of connected devices in the years to come.

A massive market expansion is at the horizon, the ideas are here, the infrastructure is in progress. The standards and the cyber security solutions adjust to meet the new challenges.

There is a need for more efficient software development to “address the disproportionate growth between devices and developers”. Achieving this “will result in getting IoT devices to market faster”.

In this fast paced, thriving perspective, there is no place for “prolonged development timeframes and work cycles, subpar product quality, or an outright failure of a project”. Organizations also face a critical necessity for “more productive, dynamic and cost-effective” software development.


Keep ahead of the competition with the LASTING Software mobile development expertise and skills – we code for the future!  



LASTING Software has over 100 man-years experience in delivering automotive 2D & 3D graphics engines and graphical interfaces for high-profile Tier 1 customers.

Our software engineers are capable of creating a Graphics Engine adapted to any embedded display. Our expertise in automotive HMI/GUI (Human Machine Interface/Graphics User Interface) development services includes, but is not limited to:

  • IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) HMI,
  • cluster HMI,
  • graphics engine customization,
  • graphics SDK (Software Development Tool Kit) development, and more.



Automotive industry trends point out revolutionary innovations


We also keep updated on the latest trends in the automotive industry. The auto industry is on the verge of transformation, which triggers the accelerated rise of new technologies. Most of the big industry players are aware of these game-changing disruptions and prepare for the upcoming imminent changes. Diverse mobility, autonomous driving or car connectivity all experience high and low scenarios. Both versions lead to the same destination, only at different speeds.

We’ve selected a McKinsey study that shows the expected trends on the market by 2030, as a more detailed illustration of this future perspective.

As you may see below, in one image from this study, the leading OEMs will compete on multiple fronts:

We feel that we are the right partner for success in this competition, in what your software development needs are concerned.


The need for leading-edge development services


Taking the industry trends into consideration is one way to go when developing a viable strategy for the future.

Another approach would be logically anticipating what the main trends would involve. In a connected world, the modern means of transportations need to function seamlessly, securely and in a synchronized manner. Such standards are achievable only through the most efficient software development processes.

Knowing and following the coding standards, choosing the best methodologies, combining technical expertise with the capacity to innovate per request are just a few must-haves.

Take autonomous vehicles. Here is an article that illustrates how autonomous cars “see” the world. The complexity of the environment is matched by the one of the autonomous vehicles. From real time sensory equipment to the object identification processes and analytics software – it’s all a fascinating and impressive micro – world.

We can’t wait for these exciting perspectives to become reality and we are proud to be part of the process.




LASTING Software’s expertise in Big Data empowers you and your customers to optimize the processes & operations necessary to succeed in today’s emerging market sectors.

Remember that we always put ourselves in your clients’ shoes and deliver solutions that fit their actual needs. User experience is one differentiator that will set you apart from the competition when you partner with us.


The bigger the data, the more important is meeting the challenges

Harnessing Big Data may not be as easy as it seems, even in the age of hopes and technological progress we are currently experiencing. Luckily, those who paved the way in this field serve as both an example, and a cautionary tale.

Big Data is a topic of great interest – at a global level. Big companies, researchers and software engineers share their findings, and the digital community benefits from this environment. Innovation spreads around, and unproductive redundancies are less likely to take place when keeping an ear to the ground.


The quality of the input greatly determines the speed and accuracy of the results


Pete Warden, lead of the Google AI TensorFlow Mobile/Embedded team, approaches in detail the necessity of improving the training data in this post on his blog. This “garbage in, garbage out” blunt truth about Big Data is already familiar, as the online media circulates breakthroughs at a fast pace. Perhaps less important than who discovered it first is to extract the maximum of wisdom out of this nugget of tech gold.

What it means for all those developing and using Big Data solutions is that analytics accuracy depends on the quality of the input. Tailoring the criteria for input data selection is extremely important. Depending on what you need to find out when using the software solutions of choice, the processing method needs to get the right information to begin with.

As simple as it sounds – an obvious truth, perhaps, turning this into code and building apps and platforms that would select, recognize and process precisely what is relevant takes passion, experience and a restless, inquisitive mind.



Technical details are available in the source article, so we won’t replay them here. It suffices to say that we pay attention to what the biggest players in the tech game share with the world. Their input may not come in big datasets, but in advice or recommendations, yet it holds a much-necessary relevance.

When R&D is backed up by important financing, the tech community benefits from the shared results. Our software engineers like to continually update their knowledge and expand their skills.