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We are a group of people in love with technology

and we believe that sharing is caring.


You know what they say about believing in the job one undertakes: enjoy what you what you buckle down and you will never have to work a day in your life.
That’s why we’re looking to understand our customers’ requirements and shortages in order to be able to help them.
We put forth a wide spectrum of valuable, effective services starting with generating your business analysis and software architecture and up to the final solution deployment.


 Once upon a time in Timișoara, Romania 

It all begun back in 1996 when we started our activity as a profit center inside LASTING System Group. LASTING System first came into view back in 1995 as a distributor and, as years went by, it became a strong player in the Romanian IT market.


During this time, in over 20 years of existence, we have gained expertise in four major fields of activity: Distribution, IT Solutions, Outsourcing and R&D. Today, LASTING System is one of the largest companies with 100% Romanian shareholders, and it is endowed with offices in Bucharest and Timișoara.


LASTING believes in developing deep-rooted partnerships hinged on trust and competence, and supports its team members in achieving common goals using motivation and mutual effort.

After 4 years of hard work and uphill battles, we settled down and emerged as an independent company fully committed to what we love.


Technology that is.



    • At LASTING Software, our IT professionals speak advanced programming languages such as Java, C, C++, Python, Javascript Perl and Shell Scripting.

    • We also offer our customers our own infrastructure, knowledge base and tools using agile development methods.

    • Working closely with the Computer and Software Engineering Department at “Polytechnic” University of Timisoara, with which we have a very close and special relationship, we created a team of highly trained and experienced engineers to successfully carry out its strategy – creating outstanding software value for the customers.

  • In addition, this close tie to the university means LASTING Software is able to keep up to date on the latest market developments and to utilize on-going training, both internal and external, on core technologies including Oracle and Microsoft.

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