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We bid you welcome to Lasting Software, the

place where code meets innovation, teamwork

and customer support.


We bring fresh solutions for your business into being.


In a dynamic market, technology should be the primary tool for optimizing processes and empowering business. But what is any piece of tech without a means to put it to a specific use? This is where software comes in.

Custom software solutions can adapt to best suit corporate needs so that your business becomes dynamic and capable to responding to any market needs.



Our Background


We are a group of people in love with technology who wish to innovate the present and build up your future.

At Lasting Software we seek to develop long lasting partnerships with each and every client we do business with.

We try to keep up to date with both our and their expectations so that the services we provide to be qualitative and efficient.

Let’s get acquainted!

Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is simple as ABC: we believe in our services and we want our potential customers to do the same.
At Lasting Software we’re looking to understand your requirements and shortages in order to be able to help you.
We put forth a wide spectrum of valuable services starting with generating your business analysis and software architecture and up to the final solution deployment.

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